Our Story

Microservices Architecture, Saas Back Office Applications and Cloud platforms represent a monumental paradigm shift in the planning and execution of an effective IT systems deployment.

Thunderhead Technologies consists of the top talent in governance, architecture design and execution in deploying solutions. Clarifying the approach, and integrating enterprise systems combining these innovative new technologies is our boutique professional services firm’s focus. We have gathered people and frameworks that deliver.

API tools, business flow tools, data orchestration, security, proper sprints and effective monitoring are just some of the considerations for a successful leveraging of the innovative microservices architecture.

At the center of our approach we drive a modern enterprise architecture paradigm to accomplish your goals. Deploying API Gateways, asynchronous messaging and governance are some of the aspects that we can navigate with you. Integrating business applications, saas offerings, and cloud platforms is in our DNA.

Cloud based eRP offerings or using on premise versions and hosting it on a cloud platform are some of the considerations that effect the center of many enterprise integrations. Getting this done right impacts many downstream services and analytics.

Thunderhead technology has expertise with the leading eRP offerings like Oracle eBS, Workday and NetSuite. Our functional and technical consultants can ensure that you make the right package choices. We can plan, deploy and integrate in a modern architecture for your success.

Cloud platform offerings can be utilized providing strong advantages to the enterprise architecture. Providers like AWS, Azure and Cloud Foundry, etc. have various overlaps with integration tools sets requiring a wide range of integration and deployment decisionssd

We have leading cloud expertise leveraging our experience across multiple clients to deliver the latest knowledge to successfully Impact your projects.

Thunderhead technologies brings a warrior mindset that focuses on results, overcoming adversity and efficient execution to all of our projects.

Our Industries

Financial Services

Within our Financial Services practice, Visual Integrator has world class solutions in banking, insurance, and global markets for financial institutions both big and small.

Health Care

Our network of health care industry professionals will provide extensive advisory services that are specific to the evolving health care environment and the economics that drive it.

High Tech

Our technology consultants understand the importance of staying ahead of change, and they have developed an industry specific methodology to do just that.

Oil, Gas, and Renewable Energy

Our consultants provide in depth knowledge of the industry and best practices to our manufacturing clients.

Public Services

Within our Public Services practice, Visual Integrator has worked closely with our clients in Federal and Defense, State, Local, Health, and Intelligence Community sectors of various levels of government.


We understand the human elements that are the center of these organizations and how to ensure that service-related processes are successful.


Our consultants provide in depth knowledge of the industry and best practices to our manufacturing clients.


Our consultants provide in depth knowledge and experience of current trends and best practices in the industry and are eager to help telecommunication companies maximize the potential of the marketplace.

Transportation and Logistics

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the supply chain best practices and methodologies. We understand the roles of consumers, suppliers, inventory management, and distribution centers.

Our Services

Visual Integrator Consulting has a different approach to consulting. Our Approach is both strategic and practical which separates us from the pure Advisory Firms and the pure Implementation Firm. Our Engagements consist of the following elements:

  • Microservices Strategy and Enablement 95% 95%
  • Deployment and Development 80% 80%
  • Managed Services 30% 30%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%

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