Deploy your business applications and cloud platforms in a modern integration architecture today.

The convergence of Microservices Integration, Back-Office Applications, Saas Models and Cloud Platforms present IT Professionals with the great opportunity for systems to deliver valuable new services. However, it also brings a myriad of options and decisions that can be difficult to navigate.

Thunderhead Technologies is built to guide you through these decisions and aid you in executing that strategy.

Our Expertise

Our Practice is Built around these 3 Domains.

Business Applications

Plan, build and integrate business applications Oracle, Workday, NetSuite v

Microservices Architecture

Design and deploy modern architecture and integration techniques.


Data Management and Analytics

Orchestrate, maintain Integrity and secure your data. Build data lakes.

Top Talent
Our Practice is built on Top Talent.


We are focused on maximum results without superfluous efforts

We have gathered and continue to gather the top talent focused on integration, eRP and business applications and data management.

Intellectual Property

We endeavor to bring frameworks, continuously updated knowledge from our client experiences and management oversight to all our efforts.

Core Tenants




Top Expertise


Complete Ownership

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